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Hello! I'm Dani

Adventure Junkie & Professional Blogger

Taking on the World, One Wild Adventure at a Time

Welcome!  My name is Dani and I am a lover of outdoor adventures, Mom to a great kiddo, and I drive my husband crazy with all my wild dreams of far off places!  Hence why this resource was born!  

I’m a Pad Thai enthusiast, a craft cocktail admirer, and a caffeine junkie!  I also host many dance parties in my kitchen at 6am!

Experiences are everything in this short little blurp we have on this spinning rock we call home!  Some choose to experience glitz and glamour…I rock dirt and flannel!

It’s taken many years and failed attempts at traveling but I’m starting to figure this wild travel life out!

Come away with me and live Unapologettically Wild!


Travel Highlight Reel

Beaver Falls

Nestled toward the bottom of the Grand Canyon, this hidden gem is a great side hike from Havasupai Village!  Not many venture past the main waterfalls (Havasu Falls), the hike down is jaw dropping and you will feel as if you are exploring the vast jungles of another country!

Telluride, Colorado

Feel as though you are stepping into a modern day fairytale as you drive into the spectacular box canyon!  One of Colorado’s finest mountain towns, it is advertised as a place for the rich and famous.  I’m here to tell you, this place is family and budget friendly!

Moab, Utah

Exploration and adventure abound!  Moab is the meca of wild travels!  From Moutain biking to rocking climbing, to shopping, there is something for everyone!  Numerous national and state parks surround the area for inspirational views and epic experiences!  Don’t let the dollar bills scare you!  I have the secrets!

Canon City, Colorado

It’s been said to be the new, up and coming, Fruita!  With new trails popping up monthly, this great little mountain town is just what you are looking for!  Home to the Royal Gorge and once in a life time white water rafting, this little diamond in the rough is the secret you’ll want to experience before everyone else does!

Havasu Falls

Who says you can’t experience wild travel with your kids?!  Training and planning can be half the fun!  Check out this remote paradise with the entire family!

The Royal Gorge

Home to Colorado’s highest suspension bridge, this area boasts an incredible trail system and an adventure park dedicated to that bridge!  1,000+ feet deep at over 1200 feet across, take a leap into your fear and conquer the bridge!  Enjoy splendous views from the Overlook Loop trail and the Canyon Rim!

Crested Butte, Colorado

The small mountain town famous for winter and summer sports alike!  Take a walk downtown and experience what it must feel like to live inside a snow globe!  Ride the trails and experience the place where Mountain Biking is said to be born!  No one feels out of place in this little joyful town!  Discover the secrets before they aren’t secrets anymore!

The White Rim Trail

Located in Canyonlands, National Park, the White Rim Trail is the ultimate trip to plan and train for!  100 miles by bike will test your limits both mentally and physically.  You will definitely earn your adult beverage at the end of each day while enjoying the vast views of desert and mountains.

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